Friday, July 24, 2015

Another blog move

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I decided to take some extra time this summer to work on creating a bigger PLN.  Last year was my first year as a behavior support teacher and most of the year was filled with me trying to learn what my job was all about.   My goal with this new blog is for people to be able to find me easier and for me to have a place to talk more specifically about my job as a BED teacher.  So if you have found me from my old blog, or anywhere else and aren't sure what behavior support means, I'll give you my run down of what it means to me.

What being a behavior support teacher means to me: 

 -Having a caseload of K-5 students with learning disabilities, adhd, autism and emotional disabilities.

-Teaching some students for the whole day, and seeing some just for 15 minutes a day

-Having a classroom where students can come to when they need some quiet time away from what they may see as chaos in the general education classroom

-Supporting students who struggle being successful in the general education

-Modifying/teaching the curriculum in a way where my students can still learn but limits inappropriate behaviors due to constant frustrations

-Constantly collecting data, researching and trying new things to better understand my students

What being a behavior support teacher is NOT:

-Handing out negative consequences at every inappropriate behavior

-the teacher who should have perfectly acting students since they are being taught by "the behavior teacher"

-the teacher in the building who should automatically know how to correct every child's behavior in the school

-the teacher who only corrects behavior and doesn't really teach content

I'm sure I could add many more things to those two lists but those are the things that stick out to me the most.  Since there aren't many behavior support teachers, many people have a misconception about what their job is.  I hope this blog will help shed some light on what kinds of things behavior support teachers do, while I also learn from other educators blogs.  Please leave comments and share your blog link if you have one. I love connecting to others! You can also find me on my new twitter account: @thebehaviorroom

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